Patient Education Evaluation

A patient education evaluation is a document which highlights the various facets of a patient education program. Such a program is often conducted with patients who suffer from chronic illnesses. They are extremely useful and thus must be evaluated in order to rate its usefulness and other benefits. Such patient education evaluations must be carried out by trained professionals who are aware of the technicalities involved in such courses.

Sample Patient Education Evaluation:

Name of patient education course: Lifestyle Changes Course for Patients with Diabetes

Course offered by: Fortran Hospitals and Nursing Homes Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of the course: This course is a patient education course which seeks to educate diabetes patients about certain lifestyle changes they can adopt to stop the onslaught of this dangerous disease.

  1. Is the patient education course an enlightening one on diabetes awareness and lifestyle changes?

(a)Yes, it is truly an inspiring and easily understandable course which can change our lives.

(b)The course leaves much to be desired and can be done away with.

2. What is the nature of the interaction between patients and doctors, or instructors in the course?

(a)The interaction is warm and cordial and the instructors answer all our queries with ease.

(b)The interaction is formal and professional and we are not encouraged to ask questions.

3. Is the information provided in the patient education course useful and concise?

(a)Yes, it is concise and of great help to us

(b)No, it is technical and jargonistic.

4.  Does the course cover all related areas comprehensively?

(a)Yes, it covers all topics well and provides additional useful tips and suggestions.

(b)No, it limits itself to the subject at hand.

5. How would you rate the course on ten?

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