Online Health Evaluation

Online health evaluation is the objective manner in which health report of a certain section of the population is accomplished through web services. It achieves the responses from people with the help of the internet and lays down a series of steps for the respondent, which on completion yields a concrete result. Hence the questions should be framed perceptively.

Sample Online Health Evaluation

This is a free online health evaluation which you can use for your personal understanding of health. Answer the questions individually and check out the results given to realize what exactly you are required to do to check your health conditions.


1. How many hours of the day are dedicated to exercises?

a. More than 2 hours

b. Not more than 2 hours

2. What is the main exercise pattern or class comprising your exercise routine?

a. Free hand exercise

b. Working out at the gym

c. Yoga, Pilates, meditation


1. Have you ever taken sleeping pills?

a. Yes

b. No

2. Do you take any medicines on a daily or customary basis? If yes, then cite them along with the reasons behind their ingestion. _________________________________________________________


1. What do you mostly prefer in your daily meals?

a. Greens and vegetables

b. Proteins and meat

c. Dairy and sugary products

d. Fruits and nuts

2. Have you ever been in a crash diet? What were the ill effects that you experienced as a result?

Health habits

1. Which of the following habits do you possess?

a. Smoking

b. Drinking

c. Caffeine addiction

2. Describe your lifestyle.


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