Nursing Student Evaluation

Nursing student evaluation is the systematic process by which a nurse or a nursing student is examined on his performance. The evaluation may be done on both theoretical and practical work and also the soft skills required to do the job, like good communication skills, empathy and compassion. Evaluation is an important step in creating a good worker in any field and in nursing too evaluation helps one to motivate a nurse to be better at her work. The evaluation process must be fair and objective to see if the nurse is meeting the clinical goals, keeping with the nursing syllabus or clinic’s requirements.

Sample Nursing Student Evaluation:

Name: Janice Richards

Name of hospital: St Martin’s Hospital

Address: 922 West Coast Drive, San Francisco

Review period: 2011-2012

Please rate the nurse’s performance on the following categories on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest.

Punctuality: The nurse has been always been on time and has not taken leave. __________

Errors: The nurse has not made any significant errors in taking care of patient or giving medicine. ____________

Skills: The nurse has both excellent communication skills and work skills _________

Awareness: The nurse is aware of the legal codes and hospital regulations to be followed. _________

Professionalism: The nurse is professional and displays responsible behavior _________

Evaluation comments:

  • The nurse is very popular with all the patients especially with young children for her friendly personality and gentleness
  • She is organized and punctual and follows the hospital rules and regulations
  • She encourages patients to actively take part in the care of their health

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