Nursing Job Evaluation

Nursing job evaluation is the process by which a particular aspect of nursing or the job in general is examined so as to find its value in the organisation. The purpose of the job evaluation is to find out the functions and responsibilities associated with a job in the field of nursing and also to get a description of the job. The evaluation is done by compiling a list of questions related to the job and this questionnaire is sent to hospitals and clinics where the employees answer the questions. A nursing job evaluation report is then formed based on the collected responses.

Sample Nursing Job Evaluation:

Name of nurse: Adrianne Gomez

Designation: Junior nurse

Name of hospital: St Anthony’s Hospital

Evaluation done by: Michelle Lamar

Designation: Manager, St Anthony’s Hospital

The evaluation of the nursing job was done on the following parameters:

  • Purpose: The purpose of the nursing job is to find out aid patients and doctors in various medical duties
  • Responsibilities: Job duties at this post mainly consists of assisting doctors and senior nurses in taking care of the patients, administer medicines, explain post-surgery care to patients, keep track of medical supplies etc
  • Supervision: There is no supervisory role at this designation
  • Qualifications: The employee has a degree in nursing and must have at least one year work experience
  • Skills: A nurse needs to have very good communication skills and must be calm under pressure. He must be caring towards patients, work for long hours and must be aware of the various medical codes


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