NHS Job Evaluation

NHS job evaluation refers to the recommendations of the National Health Service and various plans and procedures required to evaluate a job in the health sector. NHS is a publicly funded healthcare system in the UK and through an evaluation procedure ensures that all staff is compensated fairly. There are various parameters followed in order to get a correct examination of the job. Factors analysed during an NHS job evaluation are communication and relationship skills, planning and organisational skills, qualifications and experience, responsibilities, working conditions, job descriptions, physical and mental effort put by the employee, access to resources and so on. Based on these an evaluation report is created and recommendations are made.

Sample NHS Job Evaluation:

Name of employee: Amy Johnson

Designation: Senior nurse

Name of organisation: St Mary’s Hospital

Evaluation done by: Lily Adams

Designation: Manager, St Mary’s Hospital

The NHS job evaluation was made on the basis of the following factors:

  • Purpose: The principal purpose of the job is be a link between the patients and the doctors and take care of the patients by administering medicines and providing care
  • Job duties:

Organise all nurses and assign them their duties once a week

Help doctors during medical examination of the patients once a day

Take vitals of the patients and administer them medicines whenever necessary

  • Communication and relationship skills:

Have to motivate staff to remain calm under stressful situations and patient

Have empathy towards patients and make them feel comfortable

Provide training to junior nurses

  • Knowledge and experience:

Must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing


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