New Job Evaluation

New job evaluation refers to the analysis of a new job or post in an organisation by the HR or the management by evaluating the job duties of that position, knowledge and skills required by people working in that post and by providing a detailed job description. This helps the recruitment process and also aids in the decision on compensation and salary. Once someone is hired and is working in that position for at least 6 months, he may be asked to answer a job evaluation questionnaire and these results will be analysed along with the results of the new job evaluation to get the final results.

Sample New Job Evaluation:

Name of position: Assistant Chief Subeditor

Name of organisation: The Daily News

Evaluation done by: Rose Black

Designation: HR, The Daily News

The new job evaluation was done by keeping in mind the following conditions:

  • Job description: An employee at this position will be responsible for selecting and editing new reports which will be printed in that day’s edition. He will be assist the chief subeditor and do his job if the latter in on leave.
  • Purpose: To help the chief subeditor in his duties and contribute by editing copies
  • Job duties:

Select reports, make page layouts, edit stories, select photos, give captions, headlines etc, check for facts, spelling and grammar, make pages and check for errors again

  • Communication and relationship skills:

Be a good leader and motivate the junior employees

Take quick decisions and remain calm under pressure

  • Knowledge and experience:

Must have at least 5 years work experience


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