National Education Evaluation

The national education evaluation is basically an assessment of the educational services provided by an institute that performs its operations within the country. Whether a school, college or university, the organization must strictly abide by the rules set by the concerned government authorities and this is the prime factor that is to be evaluated by such a process.

Sample National Education Evaluation:

Institute for Technical Excellence and Management Studies, New Delhi

Established on: 16th August, 1977

Evaluation commissioned by: National Council for Education

The evaluation was done on the basis of the answers given by Mr. R.K.Srinivasan, the Principal of the respective institute.

Date of evaluation: 19th October, 2010

Purpose of evaluation: The sole purpose of conducting this evaluation is to ensure that this technical and management college follows every order of the Central Government set especially for organizations imparting knowledge, education and training to individuals of this country

Kindly complete the questionnaire and provide all required information:

  1. Is your college approved by the Central Board for Higher Education?

a)   Yes.

b)   Not yet. We have applied for the same.

[In case of a Yes, kindly provide the documents]

  1. Does the curriculum comply with the standards set by the National Education Board?

a)   Yes, it thoroughly complies.

b)   There are slight variations.

c)   We have prepared our own methodology for that.

3.  Is the student-teacher ratio appropriate?

a)   Perfectly.

b)   I guess we need some more teachers.

c)   No, the student-teacher ratio is in a sorry state and demands action.

4. Does your college ensure an all-round development for students?

a)   Yes it does.

b)   No, we are just concerned with their studies at this level.

5.  Does your college prepare national-level achievers?

a)   That is our ultimate goal and we stick to it.

b)   I don’t much care.

c)   Not really but we are trying.

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