Monthly Employee Evaluation

A monthly employee evaluation is actually an assessment document that evaluates the performance of an employee, in some particular corporate or commercial sector, for a span of a one month specifically. This form of an evaluation performed on a monthly basis is actually helpful considering the fact that a regular record of the employee’s whereabouts can be attained, which can later on prove useful as future references. It can also be prepared form the employee’s point of view, satisfaction levels, etc.

Sample Monthly Employee Evaluation:

Name of the company: Intel Companies Pvt. Ltd.

Name of employee: Roger Peterson

Position held by the employee: Marketing Officer, Intel Companies Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission: 6th December, 2011

Evaluation for the month of: November, 2011

These details need to be filled in by the employer:

1. Does the employee possess enough knowledge of this job?

  • Yes, he does.
  • He has a basic idea but needs improvement.
  • Most of his concepts seem incorrect.

2. Do you find him responsible enough to carry out big tasks?

  • Definitely.
  • He can tackle some of the tasks well, if not all.
  • No, he hardly can. He always tends to depend on others.

3. Is he regular at work?

  • Yes, very much regular.
  • Sometimes not.
  • He is very irregular and has a poor sense of punctuality.

4. Does he work in a way so as to add to the company’s profits?

  • Definitely. He is a very active member of our company and does give vital inputs as well.
  • Sometimes he does work so.
  • No, he hardly does the allotted work.

5. Please rate the employee’s performance in this month, out of 5:

___________     [1-Excellent, 2- Good, 3-Satisfactory, 4-Fair, 5-Poor]

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