Ministry Evaluation Form

A ministry evaluation form is a document which provides the scope to an evaluator of assessing the performance of a particular ministry, usually of the government of the country or a state, or a local body of the government. It can be in the form of questionnaires, in which case, the questions must be pointed, directed and relevant to the issue at hand.

Sample Ministry Evaluation Form:

Name of ministry which is to be evaluated: __________________________________

Ministry headed by: _______________________

Date of evaluation of the ministry: _____________________

Ministry evaluated by: ______________________________

Purpose of ministry evaluation: ________________________

1. Have you had to face procedural hassles in the ministry for any work you may have had to complete there?

(a) Yes, I have faced enormous red tape and bureaucracy in the ministry

(b) No, I have completed my work easily and without hassle

2. How would you view the ministry’s performance in its appointed role in the last year? _____________________________________________________________________

3. Do you think the ministry needs a change of guard?

(a) Yes, the ministry is facing the problems of incumbency. The top brass of the ministry must be changed to effect a radical change.

(b) No, the ministry is functioning smoothly and there is no need for a change right now.

(c) The ministry does not need a change of guard but its needs more improvements

4. On a scale of ten how much would you rate the ministry and its performance, as well as the ministers associated with it?

(a) 0-4

(b) 5-7

(c) 8-10

5. Mention some suggestions for the improvement of the ministry concerned: ________________________________________________________________________

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