Mentor Evaluation Form

A mentor evaluation form is a document which provides an opportunity for an individual or an enterprise to analyze the role and contribution of a mentor[s] in the progress and success of the former. It is a document which must be written with a lot of care as the role of a mentor may not always be defined by tactile and objective facts and data. It is usually in the form of a questionnaire.

Sample Mentor Evaluation Form:

Name of mentor in PhD research who is to be evaluated: ______________________________

Purpose of mentor evaluation: ____________________

Mentor evaluation conducted by: _________________________

Date of mentor evaluation: _________________________

The evaluator is required to answer the following questions honestly and accurately in order to provide a reasonable account of the roll of their mentors in shaping their final research:

1. On a scale of one to ten, rate your mentor’s contribution to your thesis:

(a) 0 to 4

(b) 5 to 7

(c) 8 to 10

2. Did you mentor offer valuable suggestions and inputs which helped you to channelize your research in certain specific directions, and generally offer you support?

(a) Yes, my mentor offered all help to me and encouraged me always

(b) My mentor was moderately helpful

(c) No, my mentor did not offer all the help and support he was expected to

3. Do you think that the presence of a suitable mentor can directly impact the production of one’s research? If so, mention how: _______________________________________________________________________

4. Was your mentor available at all times, and was he or she accessible for help?


5. Mention any suggestions or changes which you would like your mentor to incorporate in his handling of research scholars: __________________________________________

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