Mental Health Evaluation

Mental health evaluation is the process which states the mental faculties of an individual and divulged to deduce a report of the overall mental functioning. Thus the questions used for evaluation have to be prepared by an expert and must be concerned with the mental processes and their underlying sufferance.

Sample Mental Health Evaluation

Name of the person: Tim Tiffany

Gender: Male

Age: 40 years

Occupation: Software Engineer

Years of service: 7

Phone number: 493843322

Aim of the evaluation: The questionnaire is prepared with the sole target of reaching out to the core thoughts of the concerned person objectively to map the psychological variables associated with the negative situations prevailing in his workplace.

Please mark the correct option from the list of options provided against each question. Read and understand the question before giving your final answer. Try not to leave out any question.

1. Do you feel that your social life has taken a backseat in your present work curriculum?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Partly

2. How is the condition of your mood after waking up on weekdays?

a. Irritable and disturbed at the thought of leaving the bed

b. Neutral as I have accepted it as a part of my daily routine

c. Happy and cheerful anticipating the day’s work

3. How would you describe your relation with your superiors at your workplace?

a. Strained and burdensome

b. Flexible and understanding

c. Mixture of both depending on the work situation

4. How would you describe your predominant emotional state?

a. Depressed

b. Bipolar

c. Optimistic


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