Mental Evaluation

Mental evaluations are a key factor in the judgment of an individual’s mental ability and can provide important clues pertaining to the discovery of any sorts of mental disease that the person may have in the long run. It is therefore very important to take this evaluation carefully and must only be undertaken by competent authorities to get best and useful results.

Sample Mental Evaluation

Name- Richard Robson


Profession- Footballer

Evaluation undertaken by- Dr. Mathew Joyce, Cerebral Wonders Hospital, California.

Please fill up the form according to the results derived in the evaluation program.


1= Poor




  • What is the condition of the patient’s immediate mental condition? 1/2/3/4
  • How was the patient’ reactions to the various evaluation tests that he had to take part in? 1/2/3/4
  • How did the candidate fare in the written and vocal memory tests? 1/2/3/4

Please answer the following questions by choosing the correct option.

    1. Does the candidate seem to have any chance of having a mental disease?
  • Yes, he does seem to have a chance of having _____________(specify disease name)
  • No, he doesn’t have any chances of having a mental disease.

2. Does the candidate have any specific types of phobia that must receive treatment?

  • He has the following phobias__________, ______________, _______
  • He doesn’t seem to have any phobias and passed the tests easily with out a hint of fear.

3.  Does his senses all perform well? Was he responsive to all the tests conducted?

  • He has perfect senses, there is no problem with his sense organs and he appears to be completely fit and responsive to all the situations that were performed.
  • He appears a bit/ a lot dysfunctional in the following sense organs_____, ________, ________, and requires to be immediately cared for.

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