Meeting Evaluation Form

A meeting evaluation form is a document which designs the questions used for evaluating a conference. It acts as a measurement device with which the structure, style, format and content of the meeting are assessed to check how well it has been conducted. Hence it should be designed technically and cover the meeting realm adequately.

Sample Meeting Evaluation Form

Topic of discussion: _______________________________________________________

Location of the meeting point: ________________________________________________

Date of meeting: _________________                          Time of meeting: _______________

Name of the members participating in the meeting: _________________________________

Designation of the participants: ________________________________________________

Purpose of the meeting: ________________________

Please check the answer that seems appropriate in the context of the meeting held. Remember this is to ensure how useful the meeting was for the members participating in it.

1. If you if you were asked to select from the following terms to qualify each of the domains provided here, how would you go about doing that?

The three terms are: 1. Excellent 2. Fair/Average 3. Poor

The domains are:

a. Opening session: _______________________

b. Content discussion: _____________________

c. Contribution by members: ________________

d. Information relevance: ___________________

e. Speaker’s presentation: ___________________

2. Are you perfectly happy with the conclusion drawn in the meeting?

a. Yes

b. No

3. What score will you give to the meeting on a scale of 10? Why?


4. Did the meeting help you restructure your ideas regarding the topic under consideration?

a. To a certain extent

b. Completely

c. Not at all

5. Give a list of the topics that you think should be represented in the next meeting. ________________________________________________________________________

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