Medical Self Evaluation

The medical self evaluation is a process through which patients are able to asses whether they have any medical conditions during particular phases in their lives. There can be various methods through which assessment can be made. The clinical scenario can be selected by the student as well as the medical subjects that he or she is familiar with. The questions that are asked in the evaluation must address the basis of the clinical task.

There will be questions that which will help in understanding where the patient stands and what medical improvements need to be made in order to better the current status. The evaluation is generally created by the medical institute and is mostly generalized in the approach. Hence, this must contain patient history-wise questions so that they are relevant to all types of medical patients. The medical self evaluation can be in any format and should be comprehensible to the patients and doctors alike.

Sample Medical Self Evaluation

Patient Name: Catherine Stock

Health Facility Name: We Care Health Facility

Date of Evaluation: 3.4.2011

Please check and address each of the following statements accurately:

Medical Condition:

  • Pre existing ones: Yes
  • Current One: No

Diet of the Patient

  • Vegetarian: No
  • Non- Vegetarian: Yes


Patient suffers from-

  • Natural Allergies- No
  • Medication Allergies- No
  • Food allergies- No


  • The patient has had surgeries in the past: Appendix removal surgery
  • No complications have arose due to the surgeries


  • No major illness faced in the past 10 years

Psychiatric Treatment:

  • The patient has never been treated for any mental illness
  • There has been no prescription medications for treatment of mental disorders prescribed to the patient.

Evaluation Report: The patient is hale and hearty and has no critical medical condition to worry about.

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