Medical Secretary Evaluation

The medical secretary is an important job and one that entails fundamental responsibilities of assisting a physician or doctor at practice. He or she can also be part of an academic institution where the job will be more administrative. No matter what the functions, the medical secretary evaluation is important to see to that he or she is performing to the best of the ability.

This will also help in examining the problem areas and seek to improve them in one way or the other. The evaluation helps in staying up to date about the secretary’s activities and the way he or she conducts his role. He or she is in charge of a variety of administrative and secretarial responsibilities. The slightest errors can hinder a patient’s treatment. This evaluation ensures that the secretary has been correctly chosen. The medical secretary evaluation should take into consideration all relevant data before processing.

Sample Medical Secretary Evaluation:

Medical secretary evaluation: Doris Ambridge

Medical Institute: Mary Anne Hospital

Secretary employment period:  7th May, 2010 to present

Secretary duties and functions:

  • Organizing patients files and folders
  • Notifying relevant department with respect to doctor’s orders
  • Medications and prescription charges are all handled and coordinated according to the patient and the doctor he or she is being treated by
  • Keeping close watch on patients in the waiting room before they are called forth so as to avoid confusion. In case of emergency, Mrs. Ambridge has been medically trained to handle adverse situations
  • Creating a systematic communications systems between doctors and patients
  • Keeping note of payments and fees to be made by patients.

Evaluation report:

  • Mrs. Ambridge is a highly efficient secretary who has followed all the protocols required.
  • One issue: Her people skills need to improve. Small complaints from patients have been filed and noted.

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