Medical Research Evaluation

A medical research evaluation is generally conducted by companies and organizations that deal with medical issues and provide medical aids or health care facilities or related services. This type of an evaluation requires thorough study of details and documents of medical information to survey various topics of importance in fields of medical works.

Medical research is generally performed to establish newer and advanced concepts and medicinal formulae, and the corresponding research evaluation helps assess the effectiveness of such developmental practices.

Sample Medical Research Evaluation:

Topic for Medical Research: Medical strategies for treatment of Blood Cancer

Medical research project undertaken by: General Hospital for Citizens’ Care

New York

Date of commencement of medical research: 15th January, 2013

Date of completion of medical research: 24th March, 2013

Medical centers approached and made use of: National Pharmaceuticals, San Francisco

U.S General Nursing Home, New York

Take N’ Cure Pharmacy, New York

Evaluation conducted by: U.S Health Council

Date of evaluation: 16th May, 2013

Individuals who have been part of the medical research evaluation are requested to fill in the following details, properly and truly:

1. Does the research project report comply with the general standards of the Medical Board of the State?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Partially ________________________ [provide details]


2. Does the research project identify the possible causes of the disease?

  • Yes, completely
  • It does partially ______________________________ [mention the recognized causes and areas left undiscovered or unanswered]
  • No it fails to do so

3. Have the research participants been successful in designing relevant medical formulae to cure respective disease?

  • Yes they have achieved complete success in discovering required drugs
  • Some of the drugs have been formulated
  • No medicines could be prepared for treatment

4. Does the research employ follow-up techniques for further developments?

  • Yes
  • No more research work will be performed

5. Can the medical research be termed a successful one?

  • Yes
  • No
  • ______________________________________________________[give reasons to justify your answer]


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