Medical Practice Evaluation

A medical practice evaluation is an exercise by which the independent clinical setup of a medical professional can be judged. This can be done by the medical councils of institutions, governments and states. The parameters to be kept in mind while judging medical practice evaluation include medical ethics, patient count, quality of treatment, accessibility to various social groups and so on. A medical practice evaluation is of utmost importance in ensuring the quality of healthcare services offered.

Sample Medical Practice Evaluation:

Please rate the following medical practice parameters carefully as part of our ongoing project “Medical Practice Evaluation 2012”, sponsored by the Medical Council of the United States.

Medico Chambers

Doctor in Charge: Dr. Jason Bourne

MD, FRCP, Obstetrics

University College, London


1= Excellent




1. How would you rate the medical facilities of the practice chamber? Was due hygiene and cleanliness maintained? 1 2 3 4, Yes/No

2. Rate the post operative services offered by the chamber. 1 2 3 4

3. The clinic offered standard services at reasonable costs. There were no hidden costs involved. 1 2 3 4

Please answer the following questions:

1. Were you satisfied by the modern infrastructure and facilities of the chamber?

  • Yes, I was satisfied and reassured after surveying the facilities at the chamber
  • No, I was disappointed with the facilities and the shoddy services offered to me

2. Were the doctors you had specifically asked for available at all times?

  • The doctors were available
  • No, they were not available at all times.

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