Medical Office Employee Evaluation

A medical office employee evaluation document generally portrays a thorough assessment report of the official functioning of a medical employee and his influence in the development of the firm and its image in the concerned field of medicine and health care. Such a document needs to be prepared very carefully owing to the impact it generally has on the firm and correspondingly on the society as a whole.

Sample Medical Office Employee Evaluation:

Name of the office: Good Health Companies

Name of medical office employee: Richard Grew

Position held: Supervisor of Medicine department, Good Health Companies.

Evaluation report submitted on: 8th June, 2011

The following section is to be filled up by employer:

1. Does the employee have proper knowledge of medicine?

  • Yes, of course. He is thorough in his field of expertise.
  • He does have knowledge but not on all important aspects.
  • He lacks a clear concept but is gradually learning.

2. Do you find him enough good to handle this section?

  • Definitely, he is very much responsible and respects the profession.
  • He needs to improve in some areas.
  • No, he is still learning and needs a strong support always.

3. Do you find him effectively innovative?

  • Absolutely.
  • Sometimes he does come up with great ideas and useful plans.
  • No, he generally sticks to his section of work.

4. How would you rate him as a medical office employee?

5. Do you think the employee is capable of handling tough situations


[Signature of employer]

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