Medical Laboratory Evaluation

A medical laboratory evaluation is a document which outlines the impressions and opinions of medical students and faculty, doctors and laboratory staff, of the facilities available at a particular medical laboratory. This evaluation can be in many forms and is generally filled in by people who use the laboratory on a daily basis and can judge its merits and its demerits. Thus, care should be taken to create a well made medical laboratory evaluation which can benefit the institution in constructive ways.

Sample Medical Laboratory Evaluation:

Medical Laboratory Evaluation

Department of Health and Medicine

Medical Council of New York

Evaluation form number: 45

Medical College and Hospital, Strand Bank Road, New York

Please answer the following questions carefully, choosing your answers from the options provided below.

1. How many laboratories does the medical facility have? Are all the laboratories approved by the MCNY?

  • More than 2. Yes, all the laboratories are approved with the requisite permission documents in place.
  • Less than 2. No, some of the laboratories have not been granted due permission.
  • Has such a survey been conducted before by the MCNY in your facility?
  • Yes, we have been rated before
  • No, this is the first such survey to be conducted in our premises.

2. Does your medical laboratories work on equipment which is older than 2007? If yes, specify the names of the equipment, their license numbers and date of purchase.

3. How are the laboratories used?

  • Mainly for student and academic work
  • Mainly for sample testing for the attached hospital
  • Both for academic and hospital sample testing purposes.

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