Medical Evaluation Format

A medical evaluation format is a document providing the guidelines for formalizing a medical evaluation. It is carried out by doctors, geologists, toxicologists and hygienists to find out the health risks associated with both naturally occurring substances like water, food, air, plants and chemical or waste products.

Sample Medical Evaluation Format

Respondent’s name __________________________

Date of conducting the evaluation ____________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must give an overview of the nature of the substance and details linked with the medical evaluation project. It must also provide the purposes of the medical evaluation. It must make it clear if the medical evaluation that has been conducted is a government venture or a private undertaking and the tests and research methods used in the evaluation.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must enlist the factors that have given a boost to the attempt of medical evaluation of the concerned material. It must specify the names of the toxic ingredients of the substance and their functions. The pros and cons of using the product must be effectively weighed and the costs and benefits must be clearly listed down. It must indicate the names and severity of the illnesses or the potential threats of using it along with their effects in the next generations.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must provide a logical conclusion of the findings of the evaluation. It must give an appropriate solution to the stated problems and the alternatives to be resorted to in case of complete inability to use the concerned substance. The ways to avoid contracting the diseases and safe application of the substance must be also provided in clear terms.

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