Medical Education Evaluation

A medical education evaluation is an important tool that determines the amount of medical knowledge that a would-be doctor possesses and can bring into use both during an emergency or while maintaining the general condition of his patient’s welfare. This type of evaluations is generally conducted by medical colleges and hospitals to ensure that the educational quality of these medical students is of high standards.

Sample Medical Education Evaluation

Name- Richard Robson

Age- 27

Hospital/ Medical college- Sydney College of Medical Sciences.

Total number of patients under care- 3

Please answer the following questions with the options provided:

  • Do you think you are medically educated enough to take care of emergencies at the hospital?

a) Yes                                           b) No                                    c) May be

  • How often do you suggest your patients to make health check ups?

a) Once in a year                          b) Twice in a year                 c) Irregular

  • Do you think you are technically enough advanced to know all the state-of-the-art medical sciences?

a) I know them                             b) I don’t know them            c) I know some of them

  • Do you take part in health related seminars/discussions organized by the government or other organizations??

a) Always                                    b) Sometimes                          c) Never

Write down the answers to the following questions to the best of your knowledge

  1. Do you suggest your patients to have their blood-group tested and do you ask your patients to make health cards for themselves?
  2. Do you know the generic names of the most common medicines that are used for various purposes?
  3. Are you aware of all the vaccinations that have been made compulsory by the government and do you encourage your patients to take them?
  4. Do you read up newspapers/ the internet to know about health related issues in your area and participate in discussions to resolve them?

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