Medical Assistant Performance Evaluation

A medical assistant performance evaluation is a document which carries the results of an examination which assesses the performance of ancillary medical workers like nurses, ward boys, male or female helps, clerical staff and so on. The combined effort of this team helps a medical organization run smoothly and thus their role cannot be underestimated. A medical assistant performance evaluation takes cognizance of these facts.

Sample Medical Assistant Performance Evaluation:

Fortson Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.

12 Redford Road,

New York

Medical Assistant Performance Evaluation

Please fill in the answers to the questions provided below. Your opinions are of great value to us in assessing and improving the performance of our hospital’s support staff.

Your name: Jane Andrews

Address: 46/5 Houston Bay, NY-789

1. Were you satisfied with the training, skill and efficiency of our support staff and medical assistants?

  • Yes, I am satisfied and have been greatly helped by their cooperation.
  • No, I am not satisfied and have been injured or displeased by their work

2. Did you find our medical assistants courteous and willing to work?

  • Yes, I found them servicing with a smile
  • No, I found them irritable and unwilling to work

3. Did you have enough support staff or medical assistants assisting you during your stay at our hospital?

  • I was ably assisted by the medical assistants during my stay
  • I did not have enough medical assistants catering to my needs

4. In what way do you think we can improve our medical assistance system?

  • By training existing staff and ensuring regular checks and monitoring are carried out
  • By recruiting more staff

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