Medical Assistant Job Evaluation

A medical assistant plays an inevitable role in proper evaluation of patients and diagnosis of their health conditions. It is extremely important to ensure the right person is chosen for this designation to do justice with reputation of the organization. Medical assistant job evaluation is an assessment conducted for judging the required qualities of every candidate as a medical assistant. Every company of the health care industry must conduct such an evaluation to determine the suitability of this particular job position.

Sample Medical Assistant Job Evaluation

Medical Assistant Job Evaluation Form

Red Cross Medical Laboratory

Name of the candidate: James Smith

Date of evaluation: 24th may, 2012.

The respondents are requested to rate the mentioned person’s performance with regard to the criteria given below on a scale of 1-5.

  • Administration
  1. Competence of organizing groups to enhance the quality of medical service:
  2. Ability to resolve critical problems regarding different issues:
  3. Ability to handle multiple responsibilities:
  4. Competence of managing time effectively:
  5. Maximum use of available resources:
  • Leadership and motivation
  1. Understating problems of colleagues of his/her team and giving them proper guidance:
  2. Ability to motivate and improve performance standards of team members:
  3. Competence of dealing with sudden situations:
  4. Ability to build a collaborative environment among team members:
  • Medical expertise and management skills
  1. Medical competency to manage important laboratory works and awareness of latest medical developments in this field:
  2. Understanding of policies and service needs of the organization:
  3. Competence of proper planning and executions:
  4. Ability to distribute works efficiently among team members:
  • Interpersonal skills and public relations
  1. Communication skills:
  2. Ability to help clients with friendliness and care:
  3. Commanding respect from every colleague:
  4. Maintaining rules and decorum of the office:
  • Personal qualities
  1. Experience in working in the health care industry:
  2. Handling team works effectively with confidence:
  3. Increasing the quality of service of the company effectively:
  4. Effectiveness in increasing the profitability of the organization:


1-Below average





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