Marketing Strategy Evaluation

The marketing strategy evaluation is an important tool that the company uses to assess the performance of the marketing department. This is a necessary process that determines the success rate of particular marketing strategy introduced for the products and services of the company. It is essential that the company understands which marketing strategy that works best. The evaluation checks whether the market analysts have taken into account all market conditions including market trends, consumer likes and dislikes and other opportunities that crop up at unprecedented times in the market. The marketing strategy evaluation is done frequently for the overall development of the company.

Sample Marketing Strategy Evaluation:

Name of Company: Wilson Pharmaceuticals Private Ltd.

Evaluation date: 3.4.2011

Evaluation created by: Radical Analysis Co

Respondents: Marketing Department

Kindly respond to the following questionnaire which will determine the effectiveness of the marketing strategy introduced in the year 2010.

Were all team members equally contributive in the planning?

  1. Certainly
  2. A few had bigger roles
  3. Some were left out

Did the marketing strategy include the necessary criteria set by the Board of Directors?

  1. All criteria met
  2. Some were met
  3. None met

Did the strategy create any sort of change in the revenue collections?

  1. Significant change seen
  2. Some change
  3. No change

Were there any glitches during the implementation of this strategy?

  1. Smooth implementation
  2. A few issues
  3. Very rough handling

Was the head of analysis able to incorporate all feedback from the rest of the team?

  1. All feedback taken
  2. Some taken
  3. None taken

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