Marketing Research Evaluation

A marketing research evaluation is a document which outlines the manner in which the work of a team of researchers regarding the viability of a certain business decision, based on examining the forces of the market, has been represented. It is an analysis of a research, and informs us whether the marketing study is a proper one or not. This can only be done by professionals in the field who have the experience and the knowledge to pronounce on market research.

Sample Marketing Research Evaluation

This is an abstract from the marketing research evaluation report submitted by the Department of Publicity and Marketing Strategy, JP Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd. on the 23rd of June 2012.

The evaluation was conducted by Simon Schuster, M.D., Sarah Lytton, Chief Secretary, Department of Finance and Jennifer Michelle Rogers, Head of Marketing.

A complete version of the marketing research evaluation report is available from our publications department on request or with written permission.

From Article 2.11

“The marketing research conducted by the team of marketing analysts reveals certain irregularities which need to be plugged in with immediate effect. For example, on page 23 of the marketing research report, the researchers have outlined how opening of another outlet of JP Foods in New Hyde Street will not be a wise move given the established presence of similar consumer driven food chains there. In page 26, contradicting it, the team gives a green signal to the opening of a new outlet at the site mentioned above. This kind of confusion is prevalent in the report in other places as well and makes for a confused, incoherent and careless market research report…”

From Article 2.13

“The marketing research report is also not adequately supplemented with facts and figure. This makes the basis of the final conclusion hollow. A lot more incisiveness is expected from analysts who are entrusted with this critical task….”

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