Marketing Report Evaluation

A marketing report evaluation is a document which contains an outline of the pros and cons of a marketing report. Such a survey or analysis is conducted by a group of experts who can authoritatively comment on the marketing report and have the skill and wherewithal to make incisive judgments.

The marketing report evaluation must be carefully written and accurate, comprehensive and clear at the same time. The evaluation must have a set structure and form, since it is a critical document which may affect positively or adversely, the fortunes of the company or business enterprise.

Sample Marketing Report Evaluation

Date of marketing report evaluation: 23rd June 2012

Marketing report evaluation report compiled by: Daniela Johnson, of MarketBiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Marketing report evaluation conducted on behalf of: Zucchini’s Patisserie

Factors evaluated as part of the marketing report evaluation:

  • The time of compilation
  • The kind of depth obtained in the report, as evident in the detailing incorporated and the kind of foresight and perception shown by the marketing report makers.
  • The analysis of problems in the business and its marketing strategy and suggestions for improvement.
  • Whether the marketing report is horizontally and vertically inclusive or not.

Inferences drawn from this marketing report:

  • The reporters have ensured a seamless continuity between quarterly reports and the annual report, ensuring that there are no rough patches in the report, and that the data that has been presented to board members before are freshly represented with new additions and supplements.
  • The marketing report is accurate, well supplemented with graphs and charts of all kinds and data that will be valuable for the business enterprise in the years to come. The report shows a precision and an eye for detail that is admirable, making it a joy to read and fairly accessible at the same time.

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