Marketing Promotion Evaluation

The marketing promotion evaluation is a method through which companies evaluate how well certain marketing tactics have worked in terms of the sales made. The whole idea is to see whether the customers have bought more during the promotion period to increase sales. The companies’ asses the success of the marketing promotion based on associated costs and sales volumes. They also see the sales made against the baseline and calculate profit percentile which may have increased or decreased.

This also helps in increasing brand awareness and for creating better brands. This checks the long term success of the company and its sales. The sales promotion that follows helps in bumping up the sales. There could be various promotions incorporated to increase sales such as discounts, free offers etc. The main thing is to get evaluations from both the customers and the marketing analysts.

Sample Marketing Promotion Evaluation:

Product: YU Brand Clothes

Sale of: YU Jeans for men and women

YU brand clothes have always been known for its sleek and stylish clothing for men and women of all body types. The autumn spring sale offers amazing discounts and offers for loyal customers so that they can purchase their pair dream jeans at an incredibly low price.

The Offers include:

  • Flat 50% off for jeans for both men and women
  • Off the rack jeans offer 25% discount
  • Free NOSTROMO t-shirt on purchase of $400
  • Free crockery set on purchase of $890; the set is worth $350
  • Discounts for purchases made on the next visit which will also include the original offers on the item
  • Retail booklet worth $30 will be provided for all customers on any purchase.


ANHY Evaluators have checked the sales made through the marketing promotion and have noted a 5% increase in sales.

The marketing strategy must be continued.

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