Marketing Project Evaluation

The marketing project evaluation is created for the purpose of examining certain projects that have been recently introduced in to the market. This can also be done for those products which have not been impactful over time on the sales and revenue of the particular product concerned. It is essential to conduct such an evaluation regularly, although it is not mandatory. Most companies, small and large, prefer to evaluate their products after the end of every sales period.

This keeps the company up to date about the impact of their goods and services on the business. It is also important that the company uses latest marketing evaluation technique in order to get an authentic and systematic report. The problem areas are identified through this evaluation. This helps in developing exit strategies and improvement plans which can benefit the company in the long run.

Sample Marketing Project Evaluation

SONY WAIO Co. Marketing Project Evaluation 2012

The following evaluates the laptop product recently launched by SONY WAIO.

Product Code: 22234

Product Name: PIY WAIO 201

Objective for the evaluation:

  • Following standard company procedure
  • Locating effectiveness of the product launch
  • Figuring out the market strategy and their respective impact on the market
  • Market response to be measured by the share of the company that has increased/ decreased due to the launch.

Evaluation Overview:

Please note- The data collected has been averaged for convenience. The data have all been collected and has been attached to the evaluation.

  • Market Response: 44% sales increase by the first 2 months of launch
  • Market Share of Company: Has increased by at least 2.4% overall
  • Market Strategy: The TV advertisements have been most effective. The billboards at major Highways have also helped.
  • Market Reaction: Overall positive.

The launch has been productive for the company.

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