Marketing Program Evaluation

The marketing program evaluation is done by companies which need to evaluate certain marketing programs that pertain to the goods and services. A marketing program can consist of a number of things such as a media survey, advertisements and even product branding and packaging. There is a need to ensure that the evaluation is done as per the standard set before the launch of the product.

The assessment should be able to determine how effective the marketing program is. It should also identify the problems associated. The thing to remember is that such evaluations need to take into account the target market’s reaction. This is one of the most important ways of ensuring an effective marketing strategy is by measuring the reactions of the customers and this should include the internal customers as well.

Sample Marketing Program Evaluation:

The Marketing evaluation has been conducted by Apple Studios. The evaluation is part of the periodical survey that the company conducts every year.

Name of Company: UE Music Co.

Company Product: BB Bleary Music DVD, 2012

Product launch: Has been launched again in 2012. It was first launched on 3rd Sept, 2011.

Purpose of Evaluation: Assessing the effectiveness of the product re-launch.

  • Sales charts will be evaluated
  • Artist’s brand value will be gauged
  • Company’s marketing program, in particular, will be scrutinized to understand the effectiveness of the product launch.
  • Target market response will be taken into consideration.

Standards that need to be kept in mind:

  • Accurate market reports of customer reaction
  • Revenue collection should be considered only after the 2nd launch
  • Please do not include artist’s personal remuneration in this evaluation

Evaluation Summary:

The product has collected a record of $4 million and has remained No. 1 in the U.S Billboard Charts for four weeks.

Overall: Successful marketing.

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