Marketing Process Evaluation

The marketing process evaluation measures the productiveness of the advertising strategy used by the company for a particular product or service. It is essential to understand that this process that is adopted may not be by the company itself but by hired marketing experts. Nonetheless, the process will be examined in terms of how well it has benefited the company or where the strategy went wrong.

Large and small organizations take this up as a means through which the company is able to analyze the sales performance and the overall branding within the market. It is important that the evaluation does not produce incorrect data. It is crucial for the companies to ensure that the sales and market reports are up to date for the evaluation to be accurate as well. Slight errors can unbalance the entire foundation of the company. The marketing process evaluation should be done during new launches especially.

Sample Marketing Process Evaluation

Product Name: NOKI 2345 E phone series

Company Name: NOKI Co. Ltd.

Analysis of: Marketing Process adopted for the launch

Marketing Process: Cinematic advertisement that has been broadcast on 4.5.2012 in every mainstream television network

Market Process Summary:

  • Features a well-known TV actor demonstrating the effectiveness of the phone
  • Narrative is on the everyday busy schedule of the actor
  • The ad runs for 45 seconds
  • The re-edited version runs for 27 seconds
  • The logo and packaging of the product has been focused along with the actor
  • Affordable price and the sleek model structure has also been emphasized

Audience Response:

  • Has appealed to target market of 24-34 age group
  • Most positive response received from women
  • Has not impacted 55+ age group

Evaluation Results:

  • Sufficient impact has been made with 2% sales increase
  • Needs improvement in terms of the male actor used

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