Marketing Plan Evaluation

The marketing plan evaluation is conducted by the company to ascertain whether the marketing plan introduced at the beginning of the business year has been effective in regulating marketing policies properly or not. The evaluation takes into account various factors that include feedback from the salespersons and the customers in respect to the marketing of products and services. This is created by impartial experts hired by the company to ensure the evaluation is thorough in covering all aspects of marketing plan. This is done when new and innovative plans are introduced and through the feedback received for the marketing plan the company decides whether to continue with it or not.

Sample Marketing Plan Evaluation:

The following evaluation has been created by RBC Analysis Experts Co. for the year 2011-2012

Name of Company: Bonjour Co.

Evaluation date: 13.12.2011

Respondents: Marketing Team

The following questions need to be answered for careful assessment of the newly introduced marketing plan:

Have there been any new marketing techniques used during strategizing?

  1. A few
  2. None as such
  3. Unaware

Were new products properly launched in the market?

  1. Yes, similar to the old products
  2. Haphazardly done

Has there been any definitive use of the media for the market strategies?

  1. A few media tools used
  2. None used

Was the marketing plan created any impact in the revenue collections?

  1. More or less
  2. Few modifications made
  3. Completely different route followed

Has the previous customers’ feedback been incorporated during the planning process?

  1. Definitely
  2. Somewhat
  3. No.

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