Marketing Performance Evaluation

A marketing performance evaluation is created on a periodic basis by companies in order to assess the internal marketing strategies for specific products and services that are recently launched. This can also be done as an overall evaluation of the company’s brand power in the market. The purpose of creating such an evaluation is to see whether there are any areas that need to be improved.

It also gauges the company’s performance within a given year. The evaluation is a necessary step and needs to be done in an efficient professional manner. The evaluation can be specific or general depending on the content of assessment.

Sample Marketing Performance Evaluation

Name of Company: YUIO Watches Co.

Evaluation date: 3.4.11

Evaluation of: YUIO Watch 2345

Launching date: 5.5.2010

Purpose of Evaluation:

  • To gauge the performance of the watch within the market.
  • To examine the response of the target market
  • To determine the sales revenue generated over the production cost
  • To understand the effectiveness of the marketing strategies implemented
  • To identify problem areas that have hindered the product in any way
  • To understand and measure the brand value of the product and the company.
  • To implement strategies for further improvement.

Evaluation by: Stephen O’Reilly

Evaluation Report:

  • The market performance of the watch as mentioned in this report has been positive overall. There have been a shift of market share from 22% to 33% in favor of YUIO Watches
  • The customers seem overall satisfied with the purchase. No severe complaints documented this far.
  • Sales Revenue: 12% profit income; improvement in overall sales of the company.
  • Media Advertisements have been received positively.
  • No problem areas identified; however it is too early to predict.
  • Brand value has increased.
  • Strategies to be implemented so far are none.

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