Marketing Manager Evaluation

A marketing manager plays a crucial role in the financial success of any organization. Hence it is extremely important to make sure that the right person is assigned the job. Marketing manager evaluation is one tool that may help one assess if certain person is at all suitable for a job in marketing management or review the performance of a company’s marketing manager.

Sample Marketing Manager Evaluation

Marketing Manager Evaluation

Human Resources Section, Salewell Marketing Agency

Name of the candidate: Quinn Heatherson

Respondents are requested to rate the mentioned person’s performance on a scale of 1 to 10 with regard to the given responsibilities and duties.

Evaluation form

  • Administration:
  1. Manages marketing activities:
  2. Formulates strategies to generate sales and increase profitability:
  3. Supervises marketing projects to ensure that goals are met:
  4. Taps resources to the optimum level to maximize productivity:
  5. Understands business needs of the company and foresees potential business opportunities:
  • Motivation and leadership:
  1. Understands employee problems and guides them to meet business goals:
  2. Sets high performance standards for everyone:
  3. Leads by example:
  4. Takes charge when confronted with adverse situations:
  5. Builds collaborative work environment:
  • Technical and marketing knowledge:
  1. Understands technical fundamentals of the post:
  2. Is aware of the latest technical developments:
  3. Develops effective marketing plans and ensures their proper implementation:
  4. Develops periodical sales and advertising strategies:
  5. Establishes sales and profitability goals:
  • Interpersonal skills and public relations:
  1. Commands respect from colleagues:
  2. Is a thorough team player:
  3. Deals wisely with conflicts:
  4. Maintains client and media relations:
  5. Ensures transparent and effective communication in the department:
  • Personal qualities:
  1. Demonstrates confidence and commitment while handling team challenges:
  2. Is adaptable enough to adjust self in all situations:
  3. Upholds company policies and practices:
  4. Provides and promotes exceptional services:
  5. Manages time effectively:


1- 3 = needs improvement

4-6 = satisfactory

7-8 = good

9-10 = excellent

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