Marketing Event Evaluation

The marketing event is an important aspect in a company’s marketing of new products or services to the consumer market. The marketing event evaluation, thus, examines whether the necessary and set goals were met or not. The evaluation takes into account the effectiveness of the event program and how far the new product was able to create an impact. The evaluation is taken by the audience in question who represent the consumer market. The evaluation is necessary to understand the future of a particular product and the sort of market it will appeal to and hence, take important measures in ensuring profitability of the product for the company.

Sample Marketing Event Evaluation:

Company name: Marcus and Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Evaluation date: 4/5/2011

Number of respondents: 567

Purpose: Understand how well the new product has created an impact

Has the presentation created a positive impact about the product?

  1. Most certainly
  2. It has, to an extent
  3. No impact

Have the marketing team been able to explain the usefulness of the product?

  1. Very clearly
  2. More or less
  3. Not sure what the usefulness is.

Are you satisfied with the product advertisement?

  1. Most satisfied
  2. Needs improvement
  3. Did not understand

Were the event presenters helpful in answering all your queries?

  1. Very helpful
  2. Somewhat helpful
  3. Not helpful

Will you purchase this product on a daily basis?

  1. Definitely
  2. Sometimes
  3. No

Are there any areas in the product and/or event that need improvement?

  1. Product:____________
  2. Event:___________________


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