Marketing Evaluation

A marketing evaluation is a method to estimate the success of a single or various marketing approaches adopted and exhibited by a company or business organization for the sale of its products or services. Marketing forms a very crucial and significant part of business strategy and should be planned very carefully, considering all the important aspects that determine the all-round development and gain of the firm. The marketing evaluation should be executed in keeping with the exact details of marketing plan.

Marketing evaluation helps to identify the most effective communication channel that uses the budget in a proper manner, and also gives a hint of the successful strategies and programs that can be adopted further. A few points should be kept in mind while framing a marketing evaluation, which are:

  • Advertisements and other publicity measures should be evaluated effectively.
  • The success of the marketing techniques should be analyzed on the basis of the audience feedback.
  • Marketing evaluation should include the assessment of all the modes and mediums of marketing, be it social, personal or corporate.

The evaluation should essentially include questions on the marketing activities, both direct and indirect, and study them thoroughly to get a clear picture of the present status of marketing.

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