Marketing Evaluation Template

A marketing evaluation template is a document which contains guide to the proper writing of a marketing evaluation report. Such a report, which is written after the successful completion of a marketing evaluation, is a document that contains the core of the evaluation and the actual tangible results which ensue from the marketing evaluation. It must be written in a manner conducive to clear and easy understanding.

Sample Marketing Evaluation Template:

A brief introduction of marketing evaluation: ____________________________ [Provide a concise and easy introduction of this term for readers who may not be familiar with it]

Date of conducting marketing evaluation: _________________________ [dd/mm/yy] [mention the relevant date]

Marketing evaluation conducted on behalf of: _______________________ [mention the name of the company for which the marketing evaluation will be done]

Marketing evaluation conducted by: _____________________________ [mention the name and professional details of the external professional organization that will conduct the marketing evaluation. In case of an internal evaluation, mention the name of the concerned department]

Nature of marketing evaluation: ________________________ [briefly enumerate the nature of the marketing evaluation to be done, the tools to be used, and the parameters which will bind the entire exercise]

Purpose of the marketing evaluation:

  • Purpose 1: _________________________
  • Purpose 2: _________________________
  • Purpose 3: ________________________[mention the various reasons, economic and otherwise, for which the marketing evaluation has to be conducted]

Findings obtained in the marketing evaluation: _______________________________ [mention the various results obtained in the marketing evaluation. Stress on how they should affect the functioning of the company. Also add enlightening comments which will lend credibility and weight to the marketing evaluation report]

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