Marketing Evaluation Format

A marketing evaluation format is a document which contains an indication of how to compose and represent the perfect marketing evaluation report. Such an exercise is usually conducted by companies or business concerns before launch of a new product. This enables them to determine if the market is ready for their product and whether the product will register the kind of success and response which it is meant to. A market evaluation report must be presented carefully, according to a pre-designed format.

Sample Marketing Evaluation Format:

Company for which marketing evaluation was conducted:

The marketing evaluation report can begin with an introduction of the client company and the specific product for which a market evaluation was done. This must clearly convey to the reader the nature of the evaluation done, the kind of credibility the document deserves and the transparency of the evaluative exercise.

Marketing evaluation conducted by:

The name of the professional assessing/analyzing company must be mentioned in this section. The qualifications and the competence of the evaluating company must be stressed through examples of earlier performance and general perception within business circles.

Marketing evaluation tools used and parameters considered:

Here, the kind of analytical tools and standards used must be mentioned so that a reader, even if unfamiliar with the project, may be able to grasp the import of the marketing evaluation exercise at once. The parameters considered, like duration, nature of product, nature of survey, and so on, must be mentioned as well.

Findings obtained:

This is the last section of the marketing evaluation document. The inferences obtained after a thorough evaluation must be carefully presented along with insightful comments.


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