Marketing Evaluation Form

The marketing evaluation form is a process that is followed after a thorough market research and analysis conducted by the company. The market analysis is done to understand the expectations of the consumer and predetermine the fate of the product or service that will eventually be launched by the company. The evaluation sees how far the research has been successful in meeting the necessary criteria set by the company with regards to the product. The evaluation form must carefully set its questions based on the findings of the marketing team. This will determine whether the product will be launched or not and which market will be apt for the launch.

Sample Marketing evaluation Form:

Company Name: ______________

Evaluation created by:_________________

Date of evaluation: _________


We request you to answer the following questions:

Did the market evaluation only analyze the old consumer product market?

  1. New market types were researched
  2. Research was limited to expected markets

Were there any interactive customer sessions for feedback?

  1. Some sessions were made
  2. Not interactive but feedback was received through other medium.
  3. No such interactive session.

Does the product seem to meet the expected company expectations in the consumer market?

  1. Sufficiently
  2. More or less
  3. Not much

Have there been any glitches during the product market survey?

  1. None
  2. Some
  3. Many

Was the product appealing to a larger section of the market then expected?

  1. Yes, it has appealed to a large section.
  2. Not sufficient appeal

Are there any similar products already launched by other companies?

  1. None
  2. One or two
  3. Various

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