Marketing Employee Evaluation

A marketing employee evaluation is an exercise which marks and assesses an employee in the field of marketing in order to analyze his overall performance. It can be done by the employer of the marketing employee as such a person is in the best position to understand and assess the individual’s work. Incisive comments must be added which can then determine the areas where the marketing employee needs to make major changes, and how he can improve his contribution to the company on the whole. It is a constructive exercise which can yield dividends if applied properly, and with care.

The results of the marketing employee evaluation must be presented in the form of a report which can then be circulated among the concerned authorities. Often such evaluations are done prior to decisions about promotions, lay-offs, pay increases, project team selection and other such important decisions of the business organization or company, and hence are particularly important in ensuring success in a venture.

Sample Marketing Employee Evaluation

Name of employee: Joseph Keller

Position: Assistant marketing analyst

Date of joining: 12th June 2003

Number of promotions awarded in the course of work: 3

Number of awards won: 3

  • Best Employee of the Year in 2006
  • Best Employee of the Year in 2007
  • Most Innovative Thinker of the Year in 2009

Please rate the employee on the following parameters on a scale of ten:

  • Sincerity and dedication to the organization – 8
  • Punctuality and regularity – 7
  • Purposefulness and general awareness of the work process in the organization – 7
  • Marketing skills and ability to think out of the box – 8

Please mention a few comments about the employee’s performance in certain major projects of which he has been a part:

  • Tiger-McGraw project- Excellent job done. Got good feedbacks from supervisors.
  • Colmate and Sons Pvt. Ltd.- Learnt various new skills in quick time
  • TZD Associates Pvt. Ltd. – A bit nervous as this was the first major assignment.

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