Marketing Director Performance Evaluation

Marketing director performance evaluation is a tool that most corporate companies use these days to make assessments and take a note of the work capabilities and performances of an individual placed in the role of a director. Marketing directors take care of various important aspects that cater to the brand name and value, and therefore must be carefully evaluated to obtain best results.

Sample Marketing Director Performance Evaluation

Name- Barbara Devine

Age- 34 years

Company- Radio America

Working in company since- 19th July 2002.

Evaluation undertaken by- Board of Evaluation and Studies, Radio America.

The following questions should be answered with the keys provided in regard to the evaluation conducted on the candidate-


A = Excellent

 B = Satisfactory

C = Average

D = Poor

  • What is the approximate percentage of his popularity among her junior subordinates? Are they satisfied in working with her?
  • What is the percentage of the candidate’s participation in the company’s last 5 years of success?
  • How well has the candidate achieved to take the brand name to greater heights with the help of her marketing skills?
  • How competent is she at meeting deadlines and delivering true work values?
  • How is she as a leader? Does she have the potential to take the company to better standards in the near future?
  • What is the count of successful advertisements that she has created in these years and has helped the company to grow?

Answer the following questions in detail about the candidate-

  1. Is she a very cordial person by nature and very friendly, yet diplomatic, at press meets?
  2. Is she one of the toppers among the corporate at handling the media?
  3. Does she take part in the training programs that are organized by the company?
  4. Does she maintain good standards at addressing people in team meetings and motivational jobs?
  5. Is she creative enough to be a part of the company’s future?

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