Marketing Director Evaluation

Marketing director evaluation is an exercise devised to assess the potential and qualifications of a person as a Marketing Director. It is meant to examine if the person in concern has in him what it takes to be a successful Marketing Director whose vision and dedication may lead the company to its zenith of success. The evaluation may be conducted by the Marketing Director himself as a self introspective exercise or may be conducted by the company to understand the employee’s perception of the merit of the Marketing Director.

Sample Marketing Director Evaluation

Marketing Director Evaluation Form:

Name of the Managing Director: Neal Caffrey

Term: January 14, 2008- present

The evaluation form aims to check the person’s competence by examining his actions from several aspects that together make a successful managing director. The respondents are requested to rate the person’s performance in the given criteria from a scale of 1-5.

1. Administration:

  • Ability to organize groups:
  • Vision to formulate the right marketing strategies:
  • Ability to anticipate and resolve problems:
  • Time management skills:
  • Ability to plan and execute marketing policies:

2. Leadership:

  • Popularity among colleagues:
  • Ability to set an example of himself:
  • Sense of responsibility:
  • Ability to deal with unexpected situations:
  • Motivational skills:
  • Ability to understand and extract the best from his team:

3. Interpersonal skills:

  • Understanding of employee psychology:
  • Ability to build a collaborative work atmosphere:
  •  Man management skills:
  • Communication skills:

4. Marketing and technical knowledge:

  • Understanding of company policies, practices and business needs:
  • Ability to direct marketing activities:
  • Planning and executional abilities:
  • Soundness of conception:
  • Knowledge of the day to day functioning of the company:

5. Management and supervision:

  • Efficiency in work distribution and staff division:
  • Upholding of corporate policies:
  • Maintaining office rules and decorum:
  • Establishing high performance standards for employees as well as self:
  • Demonstrating potentiality in handling team challenges:

6. Contribution:

  • Effectiveness in increasing the company’s profitability:
  • Effectiveness in generating sales:
  • Contribution in increasing the company’s market shares:
  • Contribution in forming new alliances and partners:
  • Contribution in promoting the company in the market:


1 = Outstanding

2 = Very Good

3 = Good

4 = Average

5 = Poor

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