Marketing Coordinator Evaluation

The job of a marketing coordinator is to provide support and assistance to the marketing team. Their responsibility includes formulating, analyzing and executing marketing strategies, managing marketing activities, taking care of promotional and advertising activities, so on and so forth. Marketing coordinator evaluation is a tool through which one may be able to assess one’s performance as a marketing coordinator and seek ways to improve in the field.

Sample Marketing Coordinator Evaluation

Marketing coordinator evaluation

Conducted by: Human Resources Department, Marketing and Sales

Name of the employee: Mark Stinson

Period covered: March 2010- present.

Date of submission: June 25, 2012.

Evaluation procedure: the candidate’s performance as a marketing coordinator is to be judged on the following criteria: qualifications, skills and their contribution to the growth of the company.

Evaluation form:

       I.            Qualifications:

  • Does the person in question have a certificate in marketing? Yes/ No
  • Is the person experienced enough to handle marketing coordination? Yes/ No.
  • Does the person well familiar with the nuances of marketing? Yes/No.
  • Is the person competent enough to formulate effective marketing strategies? Yes/ No.
  • Does the person understand the complete scope and responsibilities of the job? Yes/ No.
  • Is the person well abreast about the latest developments in the marketing field? Yes/ No.
  • Is the person technically sound enough to lead and direct marketing activities? Yes/ No.

    II.            Skills:

  • Can the person in question envision successful marketing policies for the company? Yes/ No.
  • Is he able to analyze and figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors? Yes/ No.
  • Is he good enough to understand market demands and tailor strategies accordingly? Yes/ No.
  • Is he able to deal with unexpected situations? Yes/ No.
  • Is he a shrewd planner? Yes/ No.
  • Can he read/ understand customer psychology? Yes/ No.
  • Is he able to motivate and lead teams to meet market goals? Yes/ No.

 III.            Contribution:

  • Has he contributed to the growth of the company? Yes/ No.
  • Does he support employee growth? Yes/ No.
  • Does he help build a healthy collaborative work culture? Yes/ No.
  • Is he able to execute his marketing strategies successfully to yield positive results? Yes/ No.

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