Marketing Campaign Evaluation

The marketing campaign evaluation is done by the company to ascertain whether the product advertisement and awareness campaigns launched by the marketing department have been able to reach and impact the target consumer audience. The evaluation helps the company to understand how effective the marketing campaigns have been. The respondents are the team members of the marketing department who are responsible for reaching to the target audience and creating awareness. The company can also fathom the marketing skills of the marketing team and implement necessary improvements. The marketing campaign evaluation is important for the company’s development and continuous successful running. These campaigns are necessary for increasing awareness as well as expand the consumer market for the company. The evaluation determines whether these have been met.

Sample Marketing Campaign Evaluation

Name of Company: Yen Rain Co.

Evaluation by: Impromptu Analysis Ltd.

Respondents: Marketing Team for Product X

Date:  5/6/2012

Kindly respond to the following:

Has Product X been able to meet the target market?

  1. Quite effectively
  2. More or less
  3. No success

Has the consumer market expanded as a result of the launch?

  1. Yes, in a big way.
  2. Somewhat
  3. No

Has the company been able to increase its revenue collection?

  1. In quite a large way
  2. Not in a big way but marginally
  3. No change
  4. Running on loss

Has the customer feedback been a positive one?

  1. Quite positive
  2. Mixed reactions
  3. Very negative

Does the target market respond to the advertisement created?

  1. Quite distinctly
  2. More or less
  3. Overlooked

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