Marketing Audit Evaluation

A marketing audit evaluation is a document which contains an assessment of a marketing audit report. Such a document, containing a reckoning of the profit and loss of the company, is a critical document and must therefore be checked and approved by an external agency, if needed. These documents are often instrumental in bettering future audit programs.

Sample Marketing Audit Evaluation

The following is a brief extract from the marketing audit evaluation report prepared by Jenna Jenkins and Priya Rogers of McDell Pvt. Ltd. the client for which the marketing audit report has been evaluated is Ballantine’s, a multi-specialty restaurant located in four prime stretches of New York.

Date of submission of marketing audit evaluation: 12th June 2012

Date of submission of marketing audit report by client company: 12th March 2012

Salient features of the marketing audit report:

  • The marketing audit report is inconsistent in certain places where there are prominent inaccuracies in the data provided. For example, in page 23 of the report, the annual revenue earned by the restaurant from its Riverside property is mentioned as 2.5 billion USD whereas the same amount is mentioned as 2.45 billion USD on page 25. Inconsistencies of this kind take away the credibility of the report and must be immediately corrected.
  • The marketing audit report also suffers from bad typographical errors. This is unexpected in what is a professional document and open to board members of the company for detailed inspection. A careful editing of the entire document is needed and typographical errors must be omitted at the earliest.

Mode of evaluation:

The evaluation of the marketing audit report has been completed in three stages by our team. Firstly we have identified superficial mistakes. Secondly we have identified the deeper structural errors in the document. Thirdly we have incorporated strategies and suggestions of improvement which must be adopted at the earliest.

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