Marketing Analysis Evaluation

A marketing analysis evaluation is a survey in which a marketing analysis report is carefully scrutinized and then pronounced upon. Care should be taken to incorporate suggestions and techniques which help in such an evaluation, and it should be carried out by professionals who have the technical skill and wherewithal to analyze a marketing evaluation and realize its values. It is an important document and must be given due importance.

Sample Marketing Analysis Evaluation

Marketing analysis conducted by: Jason Steele, Head, Publicity and Strategy, Soup Kitchens Pvt. Ltd.

Date of marketing analysis: 12th June 2012

Purpose of marketing valuation analysis:

  1. To ensure that the market analysis has taken into account every little parameter and factor which could influence the outcome of opening a new outlet of Soup Kitchen in Bankside.
  2. To create a comprehensive body of documentation with regards to the market analysis conducted by our Publicity and Strategy team which can be later looked to for guidance and suggestions.

Market analysis evaluation conducted by: Samantha Greene of MarketBiz Pvt. Ltd.

Salient features of the evaluation:

  • The market analysis is a solid one with clear facts and data which can be used to generate decisions as to whether opening a new Soup Kitchen outlet in Bankside is a good idea.
  • The marketing analysis draws upon various kinds of sources, from prior examples of such decisions by our competitors to even word of mouth opinion and the consumer feeling in the street, making it layered and very thorough.
  • Every conclusion in the marketing report is backed up by facts and figures so that the decision makers can base their decisions on actual occurrences and predictions rather than vague feelings and estimates.
  • The marketing report is neatly presented with enough headings, subheadings and pointers to be accessible even to an uninitiated.

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