Manager Evaluation Form

A manager evaluation form is a tool constructed for evaluating a manager in his performance. Since the entire administration of a department depends on the manager supervising it, the managerial skills of the manager are placed above anything else for assessment. It is formatted by analysts who use it to develop reports and feedback on the performance.

Sample Manager Evaluation Form

Name of the manager: _______________________________________________

Name of the company in which he is the manager: _________________________

Name of the department: ______________________________________________

Date of evaluation: ___________________________________________________

Name of the evaluator: ________________________________________________

Purpose of the evaluation: _____________________________________________

Please give your opinion about the following. This will help us understand the management structure and relation so that we can develop improvement programs in this regard for the benefit of the employees and the organization.

1. How strong a role does your manager play in your apprenticeship training?

a. He makes sure that I learn the task and master it completely on my own effort

b. He shows me the task every time I make a mistake

c. He gives up and lets me learn it from someone else

2. How would you describe the leadership of the manager?

a. Dictatorial and overbearing

b. Autonomous and amenable

c. Combination of a and b

3. Are you encouraged to use safety measures at work by your manager?

a. Yes always

b. No never

c. Sometimes

4. Do you think the goals set by your manager are realistic and within the bounds of your potential? If no, then why do you think so? Please elaborate on it.


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