Manager Employee Evaluation

A manager employee evaluation is a document that is framed in a way so as to properly evaluate the level of work done by an individual who happens to be the manager of some company, business house or any other commercial organization and the impact it has on the corresponding firm. Accuracy is undoubtedly a key factor to be considered while preparing such documents.

Sample Manager Employee Evaluation:

Name of the company: Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Name of the employee: Mark Robert Clifford

Designation: Manager, Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of evaluation report: 8th October, 2011

The following section is to be completed by the employer:

1. Is your manager regular at job?

  • Yes, always.
  • Mostly, although he does go for casual leaves at times.
  • No, he is very irregular.

2. Is Mark capable of “managing” duties well?

  • Definitely, he is very much competent.
  • Some portions he can’t as yet tackle properly.
  • No, he always tends to mess up practical things.

3. Does your manager carry out responsibilities well?

  • Perfectly.
  • He is kind of nice in handling them.
  • No he can’t.

4. Is he well versed with all proceedings of the company?

  • Yes he is.
  • He seems to know them partially.
  • No, he does not have an idea but is learning.

5. What is your opinion regarding the manager’s attitude towards facing challenges?

  • He is proficient enough to face any challenges
  • May be don’t know
  • Avoid Challenges

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