Maintenance Evaluation Form

A maintenance evaluation form is a document which analyses the condition of a product in order to ensure it is in working condition or whether it needs maintenance services. Most products usually are serviced through the medium of maintenance contracts and thus maintenance evaluation forms periodically assess the condition of the product in order to anticipate a flaw or error which will need repairing.

Sample Maintenance Evaluation Form:

The following is the annual maintenance evaluation form for your AquaFilter Product, a subdivision of Clean Products Inc. please answer the questions carefully and mail your completed document at the address mentioned below.

Name of product: ________________________

Model number: __________________________

Time of purchase: _________________________ Retail outlet form which the product was purchased: ________________________ Invoice number: _________________________

Validity of service contract: _____________________________________

1. Is there any major fault in your product which is causing it to malfunction?

(a) Yes, there is a hitch which is causing my product to malfunction

(b) No, it is working fine

(c) It is working fine, but it requires a service check immediately.

2. How many service checks has your product undergone since the time of purchase?

(a) 1 to 5

(b) 5 to 6

(c) 6 to 7

3. Have you added any of the following add-ons to your water filter?

(a) Iron candle

(b) Additional iron filter

(c) Additional nozzles

[If yes then please mention whether these precuts are also form our company]

6. Please mention a date when you would like our maintenance team to perform a service check: ____________________________ [dd/mm/yy]

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