Library Evaluation Form

Library evaluation form is used to appraise the standing and services of a library housing books of various subjects. It encloses a set of items that are scientifically analysed before administering on the library officials or students. The results must be interpreted by an expert evaluator who can make a reasonable evaluation and devise effective steps of improvement.

Sample Library Evaluation Form

Name of the organization: ______________________

Contact number: ______________________________

Number of books: _____________________________

Name of the evaluator: _________________________

Date on which evaluation was held: _______________

Please give your views regarding the items given below and return the form to the respective officials.

1. How efficiently does this library serve all your functions pertaining to textual understanding?

a. Averagely

b. Greatly

c. Poorly

2. How efficiently does this library serve all your functions pertaining to assignments, projects and presentations?

a. I do all my references from this library

b. I rely on online libraries for reference work

3. What is the general reason behind coming to the library?

a. To study

b. To read international magazines

c. To read story books

c. To hold meetings and discussions on educational projects

d. To work online

e. To take help of the librarian in something

4. How frequently do you use this library?

a. More than 5 times in a week

b. Less than 5 times a week

5. Are you happy with the library’s collection? If not then elaborate on it.


6. Rate the following aspects of the library services.

a. Regularity: ____________________________

b. Alacrity: ______________________________

Name of the respondent: _____________

Date: ____________________________

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