Lecture Evaluation Form

Lecture evaluation form is a document which is answered by the attendees of a lecture class. Such a document is utilized for gauging the performance of the lecture, its impact, areas needed to be improved and satisfaction level of the attendees.

Sample Lecture Evaluation Form

Name of the lecture class attendee _____________________

Name of the lecture course _________________

Duration of the lecture class _________________

Name of the lecturer _________________

Name of the institute ___________________


Objective behind the evaluation: ______________________________

Answer all the questions carefully so that we could improve our lecture process in future:

1. Do you find the lecture class worth attending?

a. Yes, very much. It is quite useful for getting the exact knowledge.

b. Depends with the course and kind of lecturer giving lecture on it.

c. Not much.

2. How long you are attending the lecture class of this particular lecturer?


3. Do you think the lecturer is competent of handling the lecture classes efficiently?

a. Certainly. He is quite competent and highly proficient on the particular course of lecture.

b. May be, I am not sure.

c. Not always, it depends on the lecture course.

4. Do you agree that the lecture was provided by a skilled lecturer along with adequate equipments needed to fulfill the purpose effectively?

a. Definitely. The lecturers do have proficiency and adequate equipments are being provided so that the lectures could be understood by the attendees.

b. No, it depends.

c. Not always.

5. As an attendee, how much will you rate the lecture on a scale of 5?


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